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2015-12-01 pockets with the company at the bug

The pockets ladies sing with The Company – December 2015

2015-09-29 - pockets ladies + tyrone

The pockets ladies with Tyrone Shoelaces, backstage at Brisbane City Hall – October 2015


photo by David Collins



photo by David Collins

SPRUKE! Brisbane’s own ukulele festival – September 2013

photo by Michael Heaton

photo by Michael Heaton

The BUg @ New Farm Bowls Club – July 2013


photographer unknown

“I‘ll Fly Away”
Coorparoo Bowls Club with The Company – March 2013


photo by Pip Kelly

Colville St Backyard Soiree for the Brisbane Fringe Festival – September 2012


photo by David Collins


photo by David Collins

Brisbane Jazz Club – July 2012


photographer unknown

Kellee and Kylie performing at ‘Jazz @ Era’ – 2012


photographer unknown

the pockets! Gorgeous artwork by Emily Nelson


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