This delightful foursome will send you swooning. Marked by close harmonies and featuring concert, tenor, banjo, baritone and bass ukulele along with melodica and kazoo, the pockets bring you original and cover tunes brimming with frivolity, nostalgia and romance.  Setting vocal interludes reminiscent of a 1940s radio show within the diverse genres of jazz, pop & folk these songsters will charm your socks off.

Kellee Green: vocals, concert and resonator ukuleles, melodica & kazoo
Kylie Southwell: vocals, baritone ukulele & kazoo
Vincent: vocals, tenor ukulele, banjolele & kazoo
Samuel Vincent: vocals, uBass & whistlin’

5 thoughts on “home

  1. Thanks for your great music on Sunday, I will see Kelee every time I hear “Sweet Georgia Brown” from now on.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful music on Sunday, you took us down memory lane from when my parents sang most of them. You made my heart sing. My husband Pat, our friend Amanda, and myself, are now your biggest fans.

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